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Who am I?? I am Elizabeth and I am a KID! I live in Western New York State with my Mom.
I love CATS, I have cats that are all over the country: there is Boris and Natasha in Ohio, Sara in Georgia, Tally in Buffalo and lots of others.
I also have 5 Fish at my Dad's: Mickey, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Princess Leia and Queen Amidala.
They are all gold fish
I like to read, watch anime and I do very good in school.
I get to spend LOTS of time with my Dad and I enjoy doing things with him like going to the museums, parks and things like that.
I like spending time with my Dad because he always finds cool stuff for us to do.

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To Swim in to my Fish Tank

In Buffalo New York it is:

Places I Like

MY Dad

He is a train NUT!
Mail My Dad at Blue Moon If You Would Like to Get My Email Address!
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Uncle Chris
My Cool Uncle

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Uncle Nikk
My TOO Cool Uncle

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